A creative space.

THE STUDIO caters to the true artist. Combining a range of curated vintage gear with the latest in digital studio production, artists will always find their sound.

Recording Equipment



Condenser Microphones

Neumann u47 FET

Neumann 1978 U67 

Wunder CM67 Tube Microphone 2005

Neumann U87 Set Z

AKG 414 Kls

AKG C12 

Neumann Km184


Dynamic Microphones

Shure Sm7 

Shure Sm57(3)

Audix Tom set Drum Mics (5)

Electro Voice RE20

Cad Microphones Drum Set Microphones (8)

Home Made Sub Kick Microphone


Ribbon Microphones

Royer 121

Mesanobic Model 2 (2)


4 Acoustic Rolling Gobos

Control Room

Recording Console

1979 Studio Master (Made in United Kingdom) 

Recall by Paper Analog Signal Path

Mic Pre-Amps

API 3124+ 

BAE 1073 

Rupert Neve Portico 5012

Universal Audio 710 Tube/Transistor

Demeter Limited Edition Tube Pre-Amp

Aurora GTQ2


U76 Stereo Compressor With Neve Output Transformer

Teletronix LA2A-Vintage Edition

UREI LA3A-Vintage Edition

Universal Audio 1176 Blackface Compressor

Universal Audio 1176 Silverface Compressor

Digital Audio Workstation

Universal Audio Apollo 16

Synced with Lavry 4496 Blue Clock

Digidesign Pro Tools HD10

Dangerous Music D-Box Conversion Unit and Cue System

16 Inputs

16 Outputs

Monitoring System

Studio Mains by JBL from 90's Active Speakers

Hafler (2),  Yamaha NS-10M (2), Alesis (4) Passive Monitoring Powered By Bryston Power Amp

Studio is Wired by Mogami and Monster Cables




Hensel Upright Grand | Made in New York City (1914)


Ludwig Psycho Orange Custom Drums Set

Base Drum 22" | Toms 12" 13" 16"


Ludwig Custom Green Drum Set

Base Drum 22" | Toms 12' 13" 16"


Pearl Session Custom Dark Red Drum Set

Bass Drum 26" | Toms 14" 18" 22"


Ziljian Cymbal Set | A-Series


Ludwig Black Beauty Snare


Pearl Custom Joey Jordisson Snare


Pork Pie Black Snare


D-Drum Custom Hip Hop Set


1960 Reissue Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson SG Angus Young Model

1995 Fender Stratocaster

LSL 50's Style Strat

Taylor 714 Acoustic

Taylor 214 Acoustic


There are 18 Studio Lines, 4 Guitar Lines & Tie Lines to Equipment Room and Amps Room For Additional Guitar Amps Placement.

Guitar Amps

Marshall Super Lead 100W+Marshall 1960 4X10" Cabinnet

Mesa Boogie Mark 3 + Mesa Cab

Rivera Knuckle Head

Ampeg Gemini 1976 Tube amp

Endless Collection of Rental Guitar Amps are Available.


Arp Omni

Akai AX-60

Roland Juno 60

Arturia Mini Brute